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We help people with everything WordPress

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We help people with everything WordPress

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praises for wp help

Learn how we have partnered with our clients, and how much they love us!


“WP Help have truly been Happiness Heroes. They have worked diligently, essentially being on-call at all hours of the days to help resolve issues quickly and efficiently. I have personally recommended them as a WP CMS management and troubleshooting solution to the vast majority of my website clients. Thrilled to have found them. They are a lifesaver!”

Catrina Chang  | Accounts Director


WordPress Maintenance & Support | Server Administration | Hack Restoration | more…


“In a time when I needed help fast and all other advice was suggesting 1-3 days, WP Help were able to complete the task and solve the hacking issues on my website in only a few short hours. I highly recommend!”

– Alyssa DiPasquale | Director of Communications


Maintenance & Support | Blacklist Removal | Custom Design | more…


Absolutely incredible service. I was terrified my site was broken and the agents from WP Help were diligent in helping me fix all the issues. I cannot recommend them enough. Will be using WP Help for years to come!

– Helene Sula – Helene in Between


Maintenance & Support | Web Design | Server Support | Blogger Migration | more…


“WP Help helped The Cloud Church relaunch our website. The work, turn around, and commitment that we saw on this project was awesome. They were present, on point, and attentive to every detail of re building our site. I sincerely felt like they cared about the project as me as my team did. So glad that we went to WP Help for our web re-launch.”

– Brandon Spurlock | Office Manager


Web Design | E-Commerce | Maintenance & Support | more…


I seriously can’t get over the help I received and the promptness of their response. After dealing with them for 24 hours I signed up for the premium package. Finally, moving from blogger to wordpress isn’t a terrifying thing.

Ashley McCoy

Blogger, The Grits Blog

NEBROWSE - Ecommerce

“I just want to let you know how happy I am I decided to work with WP Help. They have already taken so much stress/worry off my shoulders. When I announce on my blog about the changes I’m making with nebrowse I am definitely going to talk about the importance of working with good people and make to mention your company.”

Taylor Wolfe


WordPress Maintenance & Support | Server Administration | Plugin and Theme Optimization | Woocommerce Maintenance | more…

WP Help was thorough, helpful, knowledgeable in fully understanding the issues we experienced. They provided workable solutions and prepared our site for updates by backing up the data. In addition, their responsiveness was immediate. Their helpfulness far exceeded expectations. Thanks for WP Help!

Jan Hess

Continental Theological Seminary

I was recently having an issue with a WordPress site that I manage. I contacted WordPress help to see if they could fix the issue. Guillermo ended up helping me. Something that was pretty complicated for me to fix was fixed in just minutes with Guillermo’s help! Thanks so much for the quick and friendly service! You saved me big time. Thanks WordPressHelp, you guys are amazing! I recommend WP Help to anyone that has an issue small or big! Hire them today!!

Eliud Gaxiola

Creative Director, G&G Creative Studios

Gotta tell you that its been so long since I don’t get an efficient service
like you give!

Jose Ibora

Provocateur Dubai

We’ve had fantastic experiences introducing WP Help to our clients for ongoing maintenance and support. Avery Spofford

MATTE Projects