Partner with us.

You can make money from any of our plans and not lift a finger with our White-Label Partnership Program.

We do all the work for you.
White-Label Partnership
We work in the background and make you look good! We make sure your customer’s websites receive the best support, and we make their websites more secure and faster. All your customers will be delighted.
We’ve had fantastic experiences introducing WP Help to our clients for ongoing maintenance and support.

Account Manager, MATTE Projects

I have never experienced such friendly, knowledgeable service. Thank you for your attention to detail and resolving my clients issues.
Jenny Boone

CEO, Jenny Boone Web Studio

WP Help has truly been Happiness Heroes. They work diligently, essentially being on-call at all hours of the days to help resolve issues quickly and efficiently.
I have personally recommended them as a WP CMS management and troubleshooting solution to the vast majority of my website clients. Thrilled to have found this company.


Account Director, MATTE Projects

WP Help is incredible, our team enjoys their excellent customer support and they continuously go above and beyond for us and our clients. Would recommend them highly!

Assistant to Creative Director, MATTE Films

“The most essential part of my blog” – Helene Sula
A simple process.
Partnering with someone has never been easier!
Our WP Help Partnership Program is designed to help growing companies diversify the services they provide to their clients without straining their current availability, time, personnel or resources. WP Help works behind the scenes while your company takes the credit. This unique behind the scenes approach of our partnership allows us to do what we do best, serve your client with our WP expertise, while your company continues to help your clients win.

1.You market our plans

Make it your own and charge whatever you want!

You offer our plans to your client base as an-add on to your current services. You can include our WP Help services in your standard menu of services or offer them on as needed basis.

  • Make your own pricing: Charge your customers what you want from our plans
  • Make extra money: One of our partners makes double what we charge for your plans.
  • We will do the work for you: Never lift a finger!

2. We take care of it

Just create an email address for us with your own domain, so we can communicate with your customers on your behalf.

All changes will be performed as if they’re coming from your team. You will have full control of your clients and be able to look back at all our communication through your unique email.

  • Profesional Ticketing System: The email address you create for us will be placed in our premium ticketing system for better support of your customers.
    View example
  • Personal email signatures: We make sure your customers know we are part of your team!
    View example

3. Happy Partnership

We all win. Your customers become our friends, we become yours, and we all benefit from each other services. Also, your customers will never know anything about WP Help, only you and your company.

You will be CC or BCC’d in every email. Your customers will receive the best support in the industry, second-to-none maintenance, speed and security on their websites.

Easy payments

You will have the option to either handle your own client’s billing, or we can also do it for you and just send you your cut – our billing system ensures clients pay automatically so there is never a need to wait around.

  • If you want to handle your customer’s billing, then you charge them, and then pay us when you sign up your client.
  • If you want us to handle your billing, then you will tell us how much you want to charge your customer, we create a White-Label invoice from you, send it to your customers, when they pay, we pay you.

Easy signup process

Depending on whether you want us to handle the billing or not, we will create a unique link for your business where you will have the ability to signup an unlimited amount of custoemrs. The form will ensure you have the option to select which plan you want your customer to be on, and a place where you can let us know a little bit about your client so that we can be friendly and personal.
Become a partner!
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